Unique Values

Better understanding of more detailed information clarifies expectations

Interactive logo

With augmented reality technology, brands can now have company or product logos transform into an interactive element that helps educate and enrich the buying experience for consumers.

Customizable assets

From detailed product information to the story behind a social cause, deliver customized content to consumers as they interact with your products.

Consumer Insights

Get more information on who is interacting with, and purchasing your products, and have a better understanding of what content and messaging is impacting brand growth.

Value to Brands and Dispensaries

Communication and Understanding - By capturing important data such as video views, product adds to cart, or consumer insights, brands will have better insight on how their marketing content affects their in-store sales. With the ability to upload new assets, and customize asset delivery by geographic location, brands will have improved control communicating heir brand’s identity, and get a better understanding of how their marketing impacts sales efforts.

Value to Consumers

Comfortability and Control - Bleum empowers new or unfamiliar consumers with a tool that alleviates the awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassed feeling many people have during their cannabis shopping experience. Bleum helps consumers independently learn detailed information about brands and products, and frees up budtenders from taking a lot of time having virtually the same conversation with each customer.

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